Tips for Booking Accommodations in Grand River Country

Are you planning a vacation? If so, there is no better place for you, your friends, and family to visit than Grand River Country, which is home to numerous attractions, and which boasts some of the best fishing in the world. Dunnville Dam, Feeder Canal, and Port Maitland are only a few of the exciting places you can see.

You can’t visit all the attractions in Grand River Country in a single day. Therefore, be sure to set aside several days for your trip. And during your stay, be sure to find and book the most comfortable, affordable, and clean accommodations. The following are a handful of tips for finding the area’s best hotels and motels.

Look for the Best Deals on Offer

Although you have a budget to stick to, try to find the most comfortable accommodation available. For instance, try to book a hotel with a three-star rating (or higher) if comfort is your main consideration. However, price should not be everything; amenities, facilities, and service are also important. Consider whether the price is in line with the quality of service provided. For example, you might find a cheap hotel, but it may not have Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a gym, or a spa.

Room Size

Those accompanying you on your trip can help you choose what kind of hotel to book. For example, if you are visiting Grand River Country with your family, you should consider a hotel that will provide enough room for everyone. Or, if you are travelling with your spouse, the room should be equipped with a bed large enough for two people.


Before you book, consider the attractions you want to see, and reserve a hotel or motel that is located nearby. It’s generally a good idea to book a hotel close to an airport or bus terminal.